Puzzle Games Are Educational and Stimulate the Brain

Puzzle games, especially mathematical types of puzzle games, are known to improve the ability of our brains as we have to use our brains to figure out the puzzle. Some schools even encourage their students to play puzzle games. Various types of free puzzle games are available online for players to choose from.

Minesweeper is one of the most well-known computer puzzle games, since it comes free with every computer. A player is presented with lots of small squares where a certain number of bombs are hidden. The objective of the game is to find out where those bombs are hidden. The game is over once all the bombs are found. The game is lost when a player clicks on a square that has a bomb hidden in it.

Sudoku is one of the best known and most popular mathematical types of puzzle games. This game can be found in a number of game portals, as well as books that consist solely of Sudoku games. In addition, numerous newspapers worldwide have published free puzzle games like Sudoku, throughout the years. Sudoku is played on a nine by nine grid where a player has to enter a single digit, making sure that each digit does not appear more than once on any single column or single row. Simpler forms of Sudoku also exist for beginners. These are usually played on a four by four grid or a two by two grid.

Hangman is one of the most well-known and popular word guessing games. The player has to guess the word by guessing the correct letters in the word. If any of the letters are guessed correctly, the position and number of times the letters appear in the word will be revealed to the player. This makes it easier for the player to guess the word the more they fill in the blanks. However, if any letters are guessed incorrectly, the game will add a body part to the hangman picture. Once the hangman picture is completely drawn, the game is over and the player loses. Therefore, a player only has a limited number of tries to guess the correct word in the game.

Word Search is a puzzle where you locate words inside a square filled with jumbled letters. You have a list of words to find by searching each line and locating the word whether it is positioned horizontally or vertically. It takes good eye sight and the ability to be able to find words at a glance to master this game.


Wii Games Online

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