Why Is My Computer So Slow

A new computer runs pretty smoothly when you first get it.  The more you use it the sooner you may have slow startup, slow shutdown, can not load programs, blue screen, pop up ads, freezes and crashes. These problems will certainly cause your frustration.

The most common causes of your computer slow are:

  • File messes

These could be temporary files build up and duplicate files.Adding or download more files from the internet, installing more programs into your computer without tidying up your files or programs regularly, your computer will take longer to find what you want. If you keep press your keyboard to hurry the computer up, your computer may stop working for you.

  • Programs.

You may download and installed programs which are rarely used. Or uninstall them improperly.

  • Driver outdated
  • Outdated drivers do not run the program properly
  • Missing links in computer’s registryAs you install, remove, delete and uninstall programs, registry updates its inventory database accordingly. But if you uninstalled programs incorrectly, registry will point to a program that no longer exists.
  • Ad-ware or Virus

If you download free softwares, programs, songs and movies etc, a lot of them come with adwares or pop-ups. Virus can be transferred to your computer from internet, emails, networks or removable storage devices.

  • Not enough RAM or Memory

New programs or games usually need more RAM or Memory to run. Without enough RAM or Memory to run these programs, your computer will run slow.

Regularly tidy up your files will keep your computer running smoothly such as:

Delete temporary files,
Delete duplicate files,
Check and keep your driver updates,
Uninstall programs you do not use,
Scan and clean adware and Virus,
Reindex your computer’s registry