iPhone Apps That Help You Find More Apps

One of the greatest perks of being an owner of an iPhone is the thousands of apps that are available for users to download. From games and entertainment to productivity and medical apps, Apple iTunes provides the user an enormous catalog of apps.

Of course, this massive search can be overwhelming even for the experienced user. Here are a few iPhone apps to help you search for all of those apps that you really need and the ones you really want, too.


Appsniper helps the user create a price target that they wish to pay for a particular app, track the apps price history and then sends alerts to the user when the app reaches the users price target. Since many apps are only on sale for several hours to several days this app really helps you to keep an eye on the apps you really want as well as your budget. Very useful and user-friendly, indeed this app does come with a small price tag.


For a browser that incorporates feedback from your own network of friends, Chorus is definitely the app of choice. You are able to see what your friends are downloading and using, as well as their recommendations. If you choose not to set up your own friend list you can use the Appmavens network. This group provides feedback on hundreds of apps and provides their expert opinions on each app that is downloaded or used within that group. This app is much more engaging than other app browsers. 


An app browser that allows the user to view several categories of popular applications, create a wish list as well as viewing what’s new. When viewing the catalog the user is able to see those applications that are on sale, a full description of the software and screen shots for each one. Once you select an app you are then re-directed for downloading. You will also have the opportunity to view user comments. Appshopper has a very colorful interface and is also very user-friendly.


Appbzr keeps constant tabs on what’s new, popular and on sale. The application allows the user to create their own app list and send it to friends. It also features alerts that will send you notifications on price drops and when new apps appear in the app store. Upon opening this app the interface has another set of icons that create a main menu of options for the user. This is different from some of the app browsers that have the options menus in a tool bar fashion rather than as an opening page.