The Best Social Media Tools For Marketing

A reputable online presence can become quite a hassle, especially with the numerous social platforms available. However, you cannot give up on social media marketing simply because it is time-consuming.

Fortunately, your efforts can be a lot less tasking if you use 3 of the best social media tools for marketing. This selection of social tools help in establishing a strong social media presence, as well as managing and controlling your online reputation.

1. HootSuite

The ability to schedule posts is a major advantage with this management tool. Having a predetermined schedule of posts enables you to maintain your online presence even during odd hours of the day. This also increases your efficiency and helps in time management, since HootSuite can post to several social sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This app has the capacity to monitor activity on posts you make in various social sites. Instead of checking through each social site, you can easily monitor activity through only one platform. For a busy marketer, such a facility that offers convenience and saves on time is definitely a must-have. No wonder this particular social media tool is quite popular with many marketers.

2. Advocate

Advocate is a great asset to any company, since it maximizes on the social connections of the employees. The combined reach through employees’ personal profiles is usually more than the company’s social media profile. Therefore, having a tool that takes advantage of this wider exposure will substantially multiply your social media marketing efforts.

Advocate is simply installed as a browser plugin through which employees can get content recommendations from the marketing team. The marketing team can also evaluate the accumulated engagement created by the shared content by each employee. Moreover, employees can also give recommendations to the marketing team through Advocate or even share content with one another.

3. Mention

In order to succeed in your marketing efforts, you also need to safeguard your reputation on social sites. These requires regular monitoring of comments and posts concerning your company. Mention is very effective in doing just that. This beneficial tool is helpful in capturing any ‘mentions’ of your company across various social platforms. You will easily identify any negative comments, thus enabling you to take appropriate action to correct the negative image. Furthermore, identifying the mentions concerning your business will give you a clear picture of your company’s reach through your marketing efforts. This will help in deciding the best and most effective marketing strategies to employ on social media.

Mention also has various control settings for identifying specific sources for monitoring. This means that you can opt to identify mentions within Facebook only and not from any of the other social sites. However, the sources that are turned off can still be monitored through the spam folder – just incase you still need to assess activity on other social sites.

By using the best social media tools for marketing, you will have more time to focus on crucial matters in your business and also achieve a much wider reach across various social platforms.